Cheeky forty with the wind rode on a giant eagle sits on his right in the flight

Magpies are known for their audacity, but one of them went to a whole new level, riding a giant eagle. The most amazing thing is that this moment was captured on camera.

How she coped with the journey, will forever remain a mystery, but brave bird chased the Chinese eagle and then somehow contrived to sit on its huge tail, allowing him to carry her for a while.

Not surprisingly, this trip did not last long and soon the eagle shook off the brazen rider from the tail, after which both birds flew off in different directions. However, the amazing moment was captured in a series of images by photographer Nicole Wescombe.

A resident of Geelong in Victoria, Australia said that he could not believe what he was seeing the view, the birds, and she was even more shocked that he was in the right time in the right place to shoot birds.

Nicole admitted: «It’s an awesome frame.» She did not realize how special her pictures until, until I looked at them again. She explains: «When I was looking through pictures and saw this, I had to watch it twice. As I looked closer, I couldn’t stop smiling, and I thought that this frame happens only once in a lifetime».

Nicole is not a professional photographer. In fact, she runs a family business in Australia and works as a Manager. But the Amateur photographer have a passion for the wild and she even invested in the equipment to continue to do what you love. She says: «I just love to photograph birds of prey, especially eagles of the Chinese. I took pictures over the years, but became involved in this serious 2 years ago and so bought an expensive piece of equipment».

Nicole even met one of the birds that can reach up to 1.2 m in height near the Park in Australia.

The Chinese eagle is the largest bird of prey in Australia and one of the largest in the world. They have been known to attack adult kangaroos and they are found in New Guinea, part of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. They have long, relatively broad wings, covered with feathers legs and easily recognizable tail in the form of a wedge.

The amazing footage was taken near the hangars at avalon airport.