Elon Musk became a father for the 7th time. The world is struggling to understand what the child’s name

The founder of SpaceX and Tesla 48-year-old Elon musk and his girlfriend 32-year-old singer Grimes was born 4 may first. This was announced personally by the entrepreneur on Twitter.

For Claire Elise Boucher — the real name of the young mother’s first child. The Mask is already in 7-th time became a father.

Celebrity announced the birth of a son later in the evening, posting a photo of the baby with the filter, whose face was a tiny tattoo.


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 5, 2020

«Mom and baby are well,» he said in another tweet.

Naturally fans around the world began to wonder about how new parents named the baby. But fans were puzzled by the response of the businessman.

«X Æ A-12 Mask», — he answered a question about the name of the son.

And although many have decided that this thing, others tried to decipher what her name means.

«By the way, the character «Æ» is read as «ash»… So that his name can be pronounced so. And the aircraft «Lockheed A-12» was part of the aviation project «Archangel». So, maybe it’s X El the Archangel Musk,» wrote one user.

Others saw a tweet Mask encoded the name Sasha.

The Mask has 5 sons — twins and triplets — from the first wife, the canadian writer Justin Wilson. Their first son, Nevada Alexander, died when he was only 10 weeks old, from sudden infant death syndrome. Wilson and Musk were married, together 8 years.