Tom cruise, Elon Musk and NASA teaming up to film in space

Tom cruise is going to go, I had not seen even a single person, at least from the world of cinema. He teamed up with Elon Musk to shoot the film in space.

No, this does not mean that the action will take place in space, the movie will be filmed it in space.

According to sources, the Deadline, the pair is collaborating with NASA through the project of a billionaire SpaceX to translate the idea into reality. At the moment, with the creation of the film is not associated with any one Studio and talks are at a very early stage. It is also unknown what exactly will narrate a new picture, besides the fact that the action will take place in space.

But for the sake of making the film let’s hope that Musk will not lose too much of its status before it is removed.

Earlier this month, the head of Tesla lost $13 billion value of the company after he shared a series of strange tweets. The billionaire turned to Twitter on Friday, claiming that the company’s stock is «too high» and that he plans to sell «almost all» of their property. After rants Mask the company’s stock price fell by 10%. In addition, $3 billion was taken from the share Mask in Tesla after investors used them to help the company.

Although it is still «worth» $38 billion, so probably can handle it.

Prior to the 48-year-old businessman wrote on Twitter: «the stock price of Tesla is too high.» He then continued to say that they will sell the house, but this news didn’t like his girlfriend. Musk wrote: «I sell almost all of the physical assets. I have no home. My girlfriend Grimes’s mad at me.»

Even when Elon and his girlfriend became parents, he shared the good news in a less than traditional manner – by showing you a picture of a child superimposed with filters a tattoo on his face.