The bear snuck into the house for refreshments, while the other 3 waited on the porch (video)

Two friends vacationing in Gatlinburg, tn, very close met with a black bear when he snuck into a small cottage, rented them for the weekend.

Michelle Eberhart came to Gatlinburg to enjoy the weekend with my husband and friends. On Friday morning, while the men went golfing, Michelle and her friend noticed an unexpected guest, leaning on the back door of their cottage, according to WATE.

Michelle Crowder Michelle Lathrop

Geplaatst door Michelle Eberhart op Zaterdag 9 mei 2020

«She just started to point the finger and I said something like, «What?» I turned to look and saw the bear, who leaned on the door. And then the doors opened,» says Eberhart.

Very quickly the bear climbed through a locked door and was inside the house. Women immediately hid in the bedroom, believing that there they would be safe.

If 1 bear in the house was not enough to scare women, and 3 perched on the doorstep.

«It was almost surreal, the feeling of «fight or flight» and I just had to help us and make sure we, at least in security,» said Eberhart.

Agency resources wildlife Tennessee is well-informed about the animals of the Eastern territory of Tennessee, such as black bears who Wake up after hibernation. The representative of the POLISH Matt Cameron says this is not typical behavior for bears. «This is really unusual behavior for bears to come to someone at the door, and began to look for food. This means that these bears are accustomed to people and received from them the treats or find sources of food outside the property,» says Cameron.

To the place of incident the police were called, and the intruder finally taken out of the house, and 3 other bears drove from the porch, but the animals disappeared, taking with him a few Souvenirs.

«They took 5 pounds of candy with peanut butter Reese’s, a pound of M&M, 2 lb candy Sour Patch Kids, and 2 bags of potato chips, 2 Beers and 2 diet Cokes and about a 20 antihistamine tablets,» — said Eberhart.

Officials warn that if you see a bear, keep your distance and call the appropriate authorities. They also point out that the bears can move very quickly, and advise people not to follow them and not to approach him.