What will be the traveling on planes, when countries will open the border after quarantine

The number of passengers at the airports of new York has reached the highest level in six weeks.

But the coronavirus, according to experts, changed the way we travel in postpandemic the world.

If Abbamonte, which visited all member countries of the UN, and on the North and South poles, talked about the tourism industry and its new trends.

«I think there will be many changes,’ he said. — I think that with the new regulations some will not be easy. Checking in at the airport takes a lot of time will have to arrive at the airport for 4 hours prior to departure».

Some airlines may carry out checks the temperature of passengers at the gate. However, the biggest challenge will be to maintain social distancing on Board.

«We must ensure that we do everything possible to prevent unnecessary risk to our passengers,» said Joe Debate, President of the pilots Association — Air Line Pilots Association.

In the company of United Airlines announced that they will alert passengers if the flight is full, and allow you to rebook a ticket. All major airlines now require passengers to wear masks, but there is no guarantee that every middle seat will be empty, and if it does, it may be at the expense of passengers.

What about tempting offers discounts that are offered now? Experts say that you act only on your own risk.

The pandemic has hit hard the aviation industry. Legendary investor Warren Buffett said his company Berkshire Hathaway sold its stake in the airlines.

If his example will be followed by other large investors, what will this mean for air travelers, is still unknown.