10 best cities in 2017

10 best cities in 2017

Have you ever wondered which city in the world with a perfect life? The answer to this question has already been found by analysts from the Economist Intelligence Unit, which annually determine the top 10 most livable cities!

In 2017 took first place in the Australian city of Melbourne, which is the seventh consecutive year, tops the rating.

Melbourne is not enough just 2.5 points, to a maximum of 100. The city has become a leader in assessing the stability, healthcare, culture, education, the environment and medicine.

The Austrian capital Vienna was ranked second with a score 97,4, and the canadian city of Vancouver scored – 97,3, and both settlements have retained their positions in 2016. The top 10 cities, in addition to the above, also included Toronto, calgary, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Helsinki and Hamburg.

10 best cities in 2017Vienna, Austria

Significant changes occurred below ten. The Icelandic city of Reykjavik rose by 13 steps from 50 to 37th place with a mark of 89.9. This significant jump is likely associated with the growth of tourism and improvement of the city. By the way, Amsterdam, Budapest, Singapore and Montevideo are among the cities that improved their positions in the ranking.

But Manchester and Stockholm can boast of similar results. The ratings of these cities fell in the terrorist attacks. Manchester dropped to 51 degrees, and Stockholm – to 26.

12 cities have achieved improved living standards, while only six lost their positions in comparison with last year.

10 best cities in 2017Vancouver

Analysts pointed out that in the list of outsiders usually fall settlements devastated by war, poverty and political unrest. For example, the Syrian capital of Damascus occupies the last position – the overall rating of the quality of life is only about 30.2. Lagos and Tripoli are also in the end of the list with 36 points and 36.6, respectively.

But the rating leaders and outsiders, the report can also be found in 5 cities that have made the biggest leaps in his development over the last 5 years, as well as those that has slipped down in the League table. Among those who surrendered, was the American city of Detroit, which lost 28 points and now occupies 57th place. The report also indicated that over the past few years, some US cities have reduced their performance. This is partly due to unrest related to the killings of black people, and protests against President Donald trump.

10 best cities in 2017Detroit, USA

The report is freely available and can be downloaded on the website of the Economist Intelligence Unit after registration.

Top 10 best cities for life in 2017:

  • Melbourne (Australia) Is 97.5
  • Vienna (Austria) Is 97.4
  • Vancouver (Canada) – 97,3
  • Toronto (Canada) – 97,2
  • Calgary (Canada) – 96,6
  • Adelaide (Australia) – 96,6
  • Perth (Australia) Was 95.9
  • Auckland (New Zealand) – 95,7
  • Helsinki (Finland) Is 95.6
  • Hamburg (Germany) – 95
  • Top 10 worst cities to live in 2017:

  • Damascus – 30,2
  • Lagos – 36,0
  • Tripoli – 36,6
  • Dhaka – 38,7
  • Port Moresby – 39,6
  • Algeria – 40,9
  • Karachi – 40,9
  • Harare – 42,6
  • Douala – 44,0
  • Kiev – 47,8
  • 10 best cities in 2017Syria. Damascus