Top 5 most notorious political scandals in the United States over the past 10 years

February 3, 2024

For Over the past decade, the United States has been rocked by more than one political scandal. Read what happened at the top of the government today in USA.ONE magazine: The 5 most high-profile proceedings in the USA From Hillary Clinton’s emails to Black Lives Matter. Scandal with Benghazi (2012) photo: nbcnews. com The Benghazi scandal occurred in 2012 when the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attack


Lend-Lease was adopted in the USA: how will this help Ukraine win the war?

January 9, 2024

Yesterday, 28 April, the United States passed a law allowing the Biden administration to launch a large-scale Lend-Lease program for the purpose of economic and military assistance to Ukraine. Money for its financing will be allocated from the country's budget and the seized accounts of Russian oligarchs. Read today in the magazine USA.ONE: What is Lend-Lease and how will it help Ukraine win And also, where will 33 billion dollars…


What’s happening in the USA? Election fight between Trump and Biden

December 29, 2023

According to analyst Amy Walter , the 2024 election will be similar to the 2020 race, when Biden defeated Trump. Voters are not enthusiastic about the activities of the current president, but they may vote for Biden out of desperation, simply not seeing any other alternative. There may be opinions like “I don’t like either candidate, but in the end I will vote for this person.” In previous elections there…


The last American troops have left Kabul airport. Biden’s comment

December 28, 2023

The last American flight with military personnel took off from Kabul, putting an end to the 20-year war. A C-17 military transport plane with the US Ambassador on board left Afghanistan shortly before midnight on Tuesday, August 31. Read today in USA.ONE: The last American troops have left Afghanistan United States President Joe Biden called the withdrawal of troops “the best decision for America.” The last military flight USA departed…


US presidential candidate proposes compromise in Russia’s war against Ukraine

December 20, 2023

Russia continues military actions on the territory of Ukraine. The Ukrainian army is experiencing a shortage of men and ammunition, although up to half a million people have been called up. According to data from the scene, on the night of October 25, air raid sirens sounded in several regions of Ukraine. This was caused by a combined attack by the Russian military, which used cruise missiles and loitering munitions….


How does America defy expectations?

December 14, 2023

Gridlock is often the norm in today's hyperpartisan America. Even when the same party controls both Congress and the White House, as Democrats have done for the past two years, the need to secure a three-fifths majority in the Senate for most legislation (with the exception of some budget bills) typically results in I'll stagnate. And yet, in this sense, 2022 was an anomaly: the Biden administration managed to move…


Could America turn into an autocracy?

December 4, 2023

Like any other state, the United States of America is prone to expanding its empowerment and involvement in the lives of its citizens. If this is not resisted, the country can easily turn into an autocracy. It implies unlimited power of one person. At the moment, the United States is trying to influence public opinion by limiting freedom of speech on the Internet for the last 5 years. To do…


The USA and China are stuck in a clinch, and Russia is simply waiting for the collective West to “raise its paws”

November 20, 2023

A very interesting situation has developed in the world today, and this does not mean the confrontation between America and Russia — this confrontation over the past 100 years no longer surprises anyone, because there were times when this struggle was waged much more fiercely than now, and much more so. Therefore, the current sanctions from the United States


US closes airspace to all Russian aircraft

November 6, 2023

Addressing the annual speech to Congress &#34 ;On the state of the country", the US President, first of all, touched upon the topic of Russia’s war against Ukraine. In particular, he stated that the United States was closing airspace to Russian aircraft. Read today in USA.ONE magazine: The United States will close the skies to Russia The ban will take effect on March 3. Joe Biden has closed the airspace…


The US and NATO responded to Putin’s threat to put nuclear forces on alert

October 28, 2023

Yesterday, February 27, the President of the Russian Federation ordered the Ministry of Defense to transfer the Russian nuclear deterrent forces to a special alert regime. Putin justified his decision with allegedly aggressive statements from officials of NATO countries. Read today in USA.ONE magazine: The United States and NATO responded to Vladimir Putin’s threats The White House said that the United States and NATO do not threaten Russia. Putin brought…