CNN interrupted speech trump on tax reform

CNN interrupted speech trump on tax reform

On Wednesday, at about 14:48, after seven minutes after the start of the President’s speech on the revision of tax policy, CNN switched to an interview with Brooke Baldwin with the victim of a flood in Texas.

In General, the performance of trump lasted for 34 minutes until 15:15. In his speech, the President insisted on the revision of the tax code and asked the legislators not to disappoint him, while mentioning about the failure of the cancellation and replacement ObamaСare.

«I am ready to cooperate with Congress. We must do this work», — told the trump. «And I don’t want to be disappointed in Congress.»

Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, One America News, and Newsmax TV from the beginning to the end of the broadcast the President’s speech in Springfield, Missouri.

Without interrupting the broadcast, Fox News and MSNBC showed the so-called «triple stream» — more than half of the screen was devoted to the President’s speech. The rest of the screen was focused on a tropical storm Harvey with the staff of the flooding and evacuation, with radar images of the storm over Texas and Louisiana.