Trump approved the closure of the DACA program

Trump approved the closure of the DACA program

Administration trump has announced plans to close the DACA program on Tuesday, sowing uncertainty among the community almost one million young immigrants, lives and careers are entirely dependent on this program, writes DNAinfo.

Today, September 5, the White House decided to suspend DACA.

This was announced by U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions, but details about the next steps was not disclosed, placing the burden of approval of the new immigration policy in Congress.

Sessions criticized DACA, arguing that the program, launched by Executive decree of the former President Barack Obama, represented the excess presidential powers. He said that the trump will begin the «orderly and lawful» curtailment of DACA, and the Congress within 6 months should adopt a similar law.

Sessions argues that the DACA immigrants took away jobs from people born in America.

The President trump was limited to only a Twitter post: «Congress, get ready to her work — DACA!»

Congress, get ready to do your job — DACA!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 5, 2017

DACA protects about 800,000 immigrants who were born or moved to the United States in early childhood and spent in the country most of my life, and allows them to legally work here.

In accordance with the new regulations, the Department of homeland security, new applications for DACA will not be accepted. Immigrants who are currently participating in the program are allowed to work before the expiry of the validity period of their permits. Those whose permits expire before March 5, 2018 have until 5 October to apply for a two-year extension.

Donald Trump had to choose between his campaign promises to close the DACA and, as he stated his desire refers to «the dreamers» «with all my heart».

And in the end, the President made a tough decision to suspend the program.

Before Congress is not an easy task to replace the program because previous legislative attempts to blaze a new path to citizenship have failed.

The decision trump can also cause legal problems with the governments of the States. Attorneys General from the Democrats of the 19 States and the district of Columbia urged trump to save the program, otherwise, they can go to court.

Cancel the program immediately triggered a wave of protests in Washington and new York.