Putin: outcome of the US election could affect «hacker-patriots»

Putin: outcome of the US election could affect «hacker-patriots»

Today, the Russian President said that the Russian government would never intervene in the American elections. However, Putin acknowledged the possibility that some «hackers patriots» could, on its own initiative to affect the results of the vote to supposedly discredit the Kremlin.

«Can imagine that someone specifically builds a chain of different attacks so that the source of this attack is to represent the territory of the Russian Federation, because modern technologies allow to do it quite easily», — said Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the leadership of international agencies in the framework of St. Petersburg international economic forum.

The Russian President also added that some citizens can justify cyber-attacks that currently the relations between the Kremlin and Washington can not be called friendly.

«…if they are Patriotic, they begin to contribute as they think right in the struggle against those who speak badly about Russia. Possible? It is theoretically possible».

The question will be whether Russia to interfere in upcoming elections in Germany, Putin said: «We at the state level do not do it, not going to do – on the contrary, we try to fight in the country.»

American intelligence agencies previously confirmed that Russia interfered in the election in 2016. Currently, the series of investigations which examined the question of cooperated members of the team of the President of trump with the Russian side.

Putin said that «Russophobic hysteria» about the interference in the presidential election complicates the dialogue between Russia and the United States and other important issues.

Russia was also accused of interfering in the presidential race in France after unknown hackers broke into the documents of the election headquarters of Emmanuel Macron.

On these allegations, Putin said he did not believe that the hackers were able to significantly influence the outcome of elections.

«In any case, I am convinced that no hackers will not be able to influence the electoral campaign in one of the countries of Europe, Asia and America.»