US considering closing Embassy in Cuba

US considering closing Embassy in Cuba

The United States is considering closing its Embassy in Havana in response to the «acoustic attack» made against employees of the U.S. Embassy. On Sunday said the state Secretary Rex Tillerson.

«We are considering this issue,» said Tillerson in the program «Face the Nation» on CBS. «This is a very serious problem, considering the damage some people.»

US considering closing Embassy in Cuba

We will remind that in August the U.S. state Department spokesman said that at least 16 American diplomats suffered from the «acoustic attack» while in Cuba. The attack was made using an unknown device and led to a temporary hearing loss from the Embassy staff and their families. They also mentioned other symptoms include nausea, dizziness and temporary memory loss. Suffered and canadian diplomats, and their families.

The attack was carried out at the place of residence. Around the end of 2016 family members of diplomats of the USA and Canada started to hear strange sounds and experience unpleasant symptoms while in their homes. The symptoms disappeared when they left their homes.

Five Republican senators on Friday called on the trump to retaliatory measures against the Cuban government to send Cuban diplomats from the country and perhaps to close the U.S. Embassy in Cuba.

The incident relating to the «acoustic attack» was investigated by Cuba, USA and Canada, however, the source of the attack was never determined. Cuba denies involvement in the incident. The U.S. state Department accuses Havana in the incident, but asked the two Cuban diplomats to leave Washington in may.