Trump officially announced the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate

Trump officially announced the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate

President Donald trump has officially announced the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate. The announcement came during the President’s speech in the Rose garden of the White house on Thursday.

«So we leave», — transfers words of the President of the Agency Reuters. «The Paris agreement is very unfair in the highest degree, for the United States».

At the same time, the President said that the United States will immediately begin negotiations on the restoration of the membership in Paris or any other agreement that would be fair for the United States.

The US withdrawal from the climate Treaty, promised by trump during the presidential campaign in 2016, according to analysts, will deepen the rift in U.S. relations with allies and put US on a par with Syria and Nicaragua — two countries in the world that has not signed this agreement (other 195 countries have signed).

Supporters of the agreement said that the US withdrawal will be regarded negatively by the international community and show that the United States cannot be trusted to meet international obligations.

The Vatican, which at the insistence of Pope Francis strongly supported the agreement will regard the United States as a disaster and «a huge slap in the face,» said the Rome newspaper La Repubblica Bishop Marcelo Sanchez, Sorondo, one of the officials of the Vatican.

During a meeting at the Vatican last month, Pope pacaritambo a signed copy of your Encyclical letters from 2015, calling for the protection of the environment from the effects of climate change and with the validated scientific evidence that it is caused by human activity.

Scientists said that the US withdrawal from the agreement may accelerate the effects of global climate change, which will lead to heat waves, floods, droughts and more frequent severe storms.

However, some officials say they refuse to accept the position of trump. So, the mayor of new York bill de Blasio promised Wednesday that his city will support the Paris agreement on climate, even if the President trump will make a statement on the U.S. withdrawal from it.

In a series of tweets Blasio said the decision of trump’s «terribly destructive,» and climate change «a dagger pointed right in the heart of new York».

«The Paris agreement was the greatest step forward that we have made over the years. The President should not abandon it,» wrote De Blasio. «But we will take matters into their own hands.»

One more loud statement was made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He said that he intends to resign from the Advisory Board under President trump, if the President does decide to come out of the Paris agreement on climate. Similar statements were published on the pages of SpaceX and Tesla tweeted on Wednesday. Musk says that he did everything possible to persuade the President to the decision to support the agreement and to fulfill its international obligations on it.