De Blasio and Malliotakis continued campaigning in the Harlem parade

De Blasio and Malliotakis continued campaigning in the Harlem parade

The incumbent mayor and democratic candidate bill de Blasio and Republican candidate Nicole Malliotakis marched through the streets of Harlem together with local residents at the annual African American Day Parade.

De Blasio, who in accordance with the surveys most of all it supports the black community, publicly stated that new York «will remain a city for everyone».

✅ Test scores are up
✅ Graduation rates are up
✅ We are introducing Advanced Placement and computer science classes for every student

— Bill de Blasio (@BilldeBlasio) November 17, 2017

«We respect everyone, – said de Blasio. – We don’t care about what is happening in Washington. We will respect all here in new York.»

De Blasio went along the whole route, shaking hands with everyone. He stopped to pose for pictures with friendly minded crowd. Some of the marchers shouted: «I voted for you!»

Malliotakis used other tactics to increase their electorate: it arrived almost an hour before the start of the parade and spent the time answering the questions of the participants.

At African American Day Parade in #Harlem shaking hands, discussing issues & celebrating the festivities!#Nicole4Mayor #Nicole4NYC #ILoveNY #NYC

— Nicole Malliotakis (@NMalliotakis) September 17, 2017

When one of the residents asked the Republican candidate why election leaflets no mention of her Republican affiliation, she said, «I want everyone to think objectively».

A poll by Quinnipiac Poll, conducted on July 31, showed that 70% of black respondents favorable comments about de Blasio, compared with only 3% who support Malliotakis. The survey showed that 86% of black voters haven’t heard of it and can’t evaluate her candidacy.