Russian oligarch sold his Manhattan apartment for 2.8 million dollars

Russian oligarch sold his Manhattan apartment for 2.8 million dollars

Araz Agalarov , a Russian billionaire of Azerbaijani descent, President and owner of the holding company «Crocus group», which specializiruetsya in real estate. According to Forbes, the tycoon has occupied the 51st place in the annual rating of «200 richest businessmen of Russia».

As it became known from the documents of municipal ownership of new York, Irina Agalarov, the billionaire’s wife, made a deal to sell one-bedroom apartment on 52nd street. About $ 2.8 million received the family of the oligarch for the sale of this property.

It is unknown why the businessman decided to sell apartments in the heart of new York city after 15 months after purchase.

«In the context of estates agalarovyh this is likely a very small item, so it is unlikely that this was a significant investment on the part of the family,» said David Reiss, a real estate expert at Brooklyn law school. He also fears that the purchase Agalarov several apartments in Manhattan is part of money laundering.

The media have long suspected Agalarov to a secret affair with Donald trump. There is speculation that the oligarch became a link trump and Moscow during the election campaign in 2016. Moreover, trump Agalarov discussed the construction of the Trump Tower in Moscow, but it did not take place.

@realDonaldTrump Mr. Trump thank you for brining the #missuniverse to us we had an awesome time TRUMP tower Moscow — lets make it happen !

emin-music (@eminofficial) November 12, 2013

Russian and American business intersect, at least once during the final of the contest «Miss universe – 2013» in Moscow. After this meeting, Agalarov enough flattering comments about the current President of America: «Donald trump people quite witty, with a good response. Anyway, at that time, was well disposed to Russia. Despite all the rumors that surrounded him from all sides of the media, I think it my opinion has not changed».

Last year around the when trump and Agalarov was a scandal. The son of the US President admitted that he met with the Russian representatives. And the initiator of this meeting was his friend, the son of a Russian oligarch – Emin Agalarov. It was after the appearance of this information in the media began to say that the campaign headquarters trump sought Russia’s help against an opponent-Democrat Hillary Clinton.