Study: Threat of U.S. war with Korea real

Study: Threat of U.S. war with Korea real

Protracted war of words between the United States and North Korea may well become a real one. About it this week scientists said a respected British research centre.

Royal United Institute for defence studies (RUSI) in his study reports that the number of victims of this conflict will be over hundreds of thousands, even if it will be launched nuclear weapons. The consequences of this war will negatively affect the global economy, resulting in the destruction of vital supply lines and markets.

Study: Threat of U.S. war with Korea real

RUSI analysts believe that Pyongyang is fully capable to strike the first blow, as Korean officials fear a sudden attack from the United States. On the other hand, if Korean leaders will test their rockets near GUAM, or California, the first blood will probably be on account of Washington.

Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy head of the RUSI, said that the speech is not about the fact that the possibility of the outbreak of war is extremely high, and that the way you do it is not a rosy prospect. And if the conflict will unfold fully, the war will not be short-lived and local.

Analysts say that in the case of direct provocation , the US will start a massive attack , including air strikes and cyber-attacks — to destroy the entire military infrastructure of North Korea. Pyongyang will respond with a strike on South Korea and us bases in the region, using conventional, chemical and maybe even nuclear weapons.

If Washington is going to hit ahead of the curve, aware of this only in the narrow circle of elected officials. the Congress and the allied forces of the United States know of a similar step in just a few hours before the attack or even after it began.

Alarm bell was the moment when Donald Trumpkin and Kim Jong UN went to the individual. The threat to the United States «completely destroy» North Korea also adds fuel to the fire. Adam Smith, a former employee of the national security Council of President Barack Obama on Thursday warned that the bowl of the diplomatic patience of the USA is already full. The Daily Telegraph newspaper he said the following:

«We can only hope that the economic effects of sanctions on North Korea will be enough to help avoid the conflict that is destabilizing the whole world.»