The US responded to Russia’s demand to return the flags at the Embassy in San Francisco

The US responded to Russia’s demand to return the flags at the Embassy in San Francisco

Russia and the US for several months, «measured by» number of employees in diplomatic States. After Congress adopted the law on sanctions against Russia, the country responded with a reduction of 755 American diplomats. Washington responded quickly and declared the request to close the Russian Consulate in San Francisco and close to other cities in America.

Then Vladimir Putin called rudeness closure of the Russian diplomatic missions and threatened to reduce staff by another 155 people. 2 Sep diplomatic facility in San Francisco was closed, but the story is not over. Yesterday Russia demanded the return of the country flags on the Embassy building, considering their withdrawal as an «unfriendly step».

StatementThe Embassy Embassy sent a protest note to the American side with respect to the removal of Russian flags…

Posted by Embassy of Russia in the USA / Embassy of Russia in USA on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

On the demand as quickly as possible to return the «Russian state symbols» to their original place of diplomatic representatives of the United States soon gave his answer.

«The flags on the building in San Francisco, which was previously the property was respectfully lowered and safely stored,» said an employee of the state Department of the United States.

Official representatives of the Russian government has not yet responded to the comments by American diplomats. Not so long ago in the Russian foreign Ministry stated that the option of reducing another 150 diplomats, the US is still pending.


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