Bush: «Racism and white nationalism is blasphemy against American values»

Bush: «Racism and white nationalism is blasphemy against American values»

The 43rd President of the United States – and the last Republican who held the post until Donald trumpGeorge Bush never mentioned the President in his speech Thursday at the forum «Spirit of freedom». But his whole speech was filled with transparent allusions to dissent with the policies and attitudes of the current US President.

«Our identity as a nation, unlike other Nations, are not determined by geography or ethnicity, blood and soil… This means that people of any race, religion, ethnicity can be equal Americans, Bush said at a forum in new York Institute, named in his honor. – This means that racism and white nationalism in any of their manifestations are a blasphemy against the American creed».

The former President stressed that modern America often draws attention to the worst deeds of the separate groups and compares them with the best actions of the Americans.

Bush: «Racism and white nationalism is blasphemy against American values»

Bush expressed concern about the misinformation, stating that current policy seems to be «more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and obvious fabrications».

During his speech filled with harsh criticism, he never mentioned the name of the President of the United States, but said that the comments are addressed to the «governing class.»

Bush in a 15-minute speech did not forget to touch upon the topical issue of Russia’s influence in the U.S.: «the Russian government has created a project that aims to send Americans against each other». However, he said he did not believe in the success of such efforts, but stressed: «Never underestimate or tolerate cyber-attacks, disinformation and the financial impact from foreign aggressors».

His speech he completed the following message: «We become heirs of Martin Luther king, judging each other not by the color of their skin but by character. The very identity of our nation depends on the definition of civil ideals for the next generation.»

Recall the speech of the former President came after a few days after John McCain was the main opponent of Bush in the presidential primaries of 2000 years of the Republican party – have criticized trump. He warned the United States against «immature, questionable nationalism,» calling it a «dogma of the past, the Americans consigned to the dustbin of history.»

On Thursday, McCain devoted a tweet to Bush’s speech: «the Important speech of my friend, President George Bush today reminds us of the values that made America a beacon of hope».

Important speech by my friend, President George W. Bush today, reminding us of the values that have made America a beacon of hope for all.

— John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) October 19, 2017