Browder, the person involved in the «Magnitsky case», again received permission to enter the U.S.

Browder, the person involved in the «Magnitsky case», again received permission to enter the U.S.

British financier, millionaire, the founder of Hermitage Capital , bill Browder, known for its open opposition to the Kremlin, criticized the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the direct involvement in the «Magnitsky case», faced with the cancellation of the American visa. The indignation of the businessman expressed in social networks. Turns out he’s now also on the Interpol wanted list. There he was because of the conviction in Russia for tax evasion, than the financier does not agree. Previously, the government of the Russian Federation of 4 times was required to make Browder on the list, but keep getting failures because Interpol considered the requirement politicized. Why last weekend, the international police suddenly «changed his mind» is not known.

Us visa Browder by coincidence selected the same day in which he was included in the list of Interpol. The entrepreneur considers this coincidence is not accidental, however, his thoughts on the subject of the relationship of events says.

To protect Browder became a famous and influential people. Thus, the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul called the situation «outrageous» and demanded from the President trump and the U.S. state Department to stop this and join the campaign «Putin against bill Browder».

This is outrageous. @realDonaldTrump , @StateDept et al, fix this now. Now. Do not join Putin’s campaign against @Billbrowder.

— Michael McFaul (@McFaul) October 22, 2017

Literally days later after the incident on Twitter Browder said that the permission to enter the United States under a special program Electronic System for Travel Authorization it received.
As explained by the representative of the border service of the US edition of the Hill, the office is responsible for the check arriving in the U.S. persons in order avoid the territory of terrorists and other criminals. Therefore, the border service officers regularly manually check data on those wishing to visit America. The visa can be suspended, what happened in the case of bill Browder.

GREAT NEWS! My ESTA (US visa waiver) was restored. I successfully checked into a US flight. Now we need to fix bogus Interpol arrest warrant

— Bill Browder (@Billbrowder) October 23, 2017