Joe Biden for President?

Joe Biden for President?

Former Vice-President USA Joe Biden clearly doesn’t want to say goodbye to big politics. He also did not rule out the possibility of running for President in the elections of 2020, though no longer young (November 20, Biden will be 75 years old, and by the time of the election he will be 78).

«I decided to run,» he told Vanity Fair in an interview in connection with the release of his new book, «Promise me, father.» «But I decided that it is not going to solve anything. Let’s see what happens.» He said that this decision will be difficult for the whole family.

Joe Biden for President?

«It’s complicated», — said Biden. «You don’t run one. Your family is also fully involved. They make news, they become food».

Perhaps Joe Biden’s holding something back, because it behaves as a potential presidential candidate. In June of this year he even formed his own political action Committee «American Possibilities« and often gives an interview, criticizing the current President. In addition, many scientists tend to believe that Biden is able to obtain considerable public support, presenting «the old political school,» walking the path of bipartisan cooperation.

The former Vice President also said that if his late son Beau is not sick, he probably would have run for President in 2016.

«I was planning to run,» he said in an interview. «But not ran, and did not oppose Hillary, Bernie or anyone else. But the truth is, I think at that time I would have been a better candidate».

Not paid attention to Biden and the current President of the United States Donald trump, calling him not only «uninformed», but a real threat to the very fabric of the country.