North Korea – mass exercises on evacuation of the population

North Korea – mass exercises on evacuation of the population

North Korea held a mass exercise on the evacuation of the population.

It is reported by NK News citing its own sources.

North Korea – mass exercises on evacuation of the population

According to preliminary information, the exercises were held in several cities, primarily on the coast, but not in the capital Pyongyang. In addition, the cities practiced the blackout – the blackout in the evening and night hours that usually serves to disorient enemy aircraft in wartime.

«They must have realized how serious the situation was,» said recently retired Lieutenant General in the army of South Korea Chun In-Bum.

The threat of nuclear attack from North Korea increases, said yesterday the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis during a meeting in Seoul with his South Korean counterpart.

As reported Тelegraph, Mattis added that the United States would never accept nuclear potential of Pyongyang, and in the event of an attack will exceed Kim Jong-UN with their firepower.

Meanwhile, the opinions of experts about the teachings were divided. Some believe that the regime feels increasingly vulnerable, some say it creates the appearance of caring about its citizens.

In 1994 during a confrontation with Washington, Pyongyang carried out the daily exercises of air raids.
In 2013, when the relations with South Korea have been particularly strained, the roof in the capital of North Korea were covered with camouflage netting.

Recall, according to the congressional Research service, the military conflict on the Korean Peninsula will cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people just in the first few days.