The court partially blocked the trump ban on military service of transgender people

The court partially blocked the trump ban on military service of transgender people

The Federal court rejected the change of the President of trump regarding the military service of transgender people.

On Monday, the judge of the district court of the district of Columbia ruled that the Directive trump, changing the policy regarding transgender people already servants, and prohibiting the crime to recruit new trannies, will not come into force until, until the case is heard in court. However, the judge rejected the Complainant’s request to block the ban on sex change surgery.

The document is 76 pages accompanying the ruling, judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly suggested a possible victory for the plaintiffs, and emphasized that the ban on military service of transgender people violate rights under the Fifth amendment. «The court finds that a number of factors, including the unusual circumstances associated with the submission by the President of the directives, as well as the fact that the reasons for the revision are not supported by any facts, indicate that we should take the side of the Plaintiffs».

The plaintiffs Affairs, the national center for lesbian rights (NCLR) and Attorneys and the GLBTQ rights defenders (GLAD), responded to the court’s decision as «a complete victory of all military-transgender».

«The court was able to see the truth through the smokescreen created by the government to conceal bias and prejudice,» — said Jennifer Levi, Director of transgender rights project of GLAD. «This ruling confirms that a legitimate reason to exclude transgender people from the military does not exist.»

In July, trump tweeted that he was going to ban transgender people to serve in the army. It started with the Memorandum of the President, forbidding to attract transgender people to serve in the army, and to use the funds to pay for the sex-change operation. NCLR and GLAD responded to the claim in court on behalf of six unnamed military and two recruits. The government asked to dismiss the case, arguing that none of the military won’t be dismissed.

However, the judge made against dismissal. «The Memorandum explicitly prohibits the recruitment of people-transgender people,» she wrote. «The decision has been made. Guidelines should be made in a certain period of time, and there is no reason to believe that they will be cancelled». She said that the government’s argument to ban «seem extremely far-fetched and hypothetical». «As far as is known to the court, all of the reasons presented by the President to exclude transgender people from the military, were not only not supported by the facts, but even contrary to the research findings and judgment of the military,» she added.

Kollar-Kotelly also added that the court must consider the circumstances of the ban trump, that is the fact that the first ban was done through Twitter. «Banning the President announced in Twitter , without formal meetings, usually accompanying the political changes that seriously affect the lives of ordinary Americans.»

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the question of the court’s decision stated: «the Ministry of justice considers this decision. For all questions regarding the case it should apply there.»

According to the materials of The Hill