Trump Jr. clearly explained daughter what socialism is

Trump Jr. clearly explained daughter what socialism is

Using candy metaphors Donald trump Jr. decided to explain to my daughter what socialism is. But, it seems, conscious father has not thought through his lesson until the end.

Trump Jr. posted on Twitter a picture of her adorable little girl, which he decided to take half of her Halloween haul, to give it to those who haven’t left the house in the last celebration and not lumped own sweets.

I’m going to take half of Chloe’s candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It’s never to early to teach her about socialism.

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) October 31, 2017

This post could not fail to attract the attention of the public and the predictable wave of criticism. Part of the review was that the man uses own child to make a political statement, and the second is that he wrote the word «too» error, trying to learn something.

I think sharing with those that are less fortunate than you is a universal human value. Perhaps you could try her that.

— Chris B. (@siliconvalleyex) October 31, 2017

«I think the idea is to share with those who are less fortunate than you, is a universal human virtue. Perhaps you could try to start learning from her.»

Sick to use your kid for political ends.

— Jeffrey Guterman (@JeffreyGuterman) October 31, 2017

«Only a sick person would use her child for political purposes».

It’s «TOO» not «TO.» As in it’s never TOO late for Chloe to teach you 2nd-grade English.

— The Canada Party (@theCanadaParty) November 1, 2017

«That’s right «TOO»not «TO». It’s never too late for Chloe to teach you the rules of English for second graders».

Decent families call it kindness.

— Cassandra See (@cassandraheresy) October 31, 2017

«Decent families call it kindness.»

That’s a wonderful idea, teaching her to share with others who weren’t able to participate. Too bad that’s not what you meant.

— Jennifer Liles (@odanu) November 1, 2017

«Great idea to teach your daughter to share with those who couldn’t go to collect candy. Sorry this isn’t what you had in mind.»

Of course, the candy model trump Jr. is a very rough simplification. Socialism – a social system in which the government controls all production and distribution of goods and services, not just sets high taxes, which leads to the fact that the rich share their money with the poor.

The current system in the United States, in fact, not too different from socialism in this respect, because thanks to the progressive income tax , the representatives of the rich layer of the population subsidize the poor through higher taxes.

Taxation, in turn, is not just getting money from some people and transfer them to others. Funds received through the collection of taxes, used for the repair or construction of roads and bridges, scientific research, Finance, police, military, etc.

In addition, daughter trump went from door to door, collecting sweets, which she gave to the people the money which they were purchased. This tradition is clearly visible in the grain of socialism, isn’t it?