Sam Clovis refused to work in the Ministry of agriculture due to ties with Russia

Sam Clovis refused to work in the Ministry of agriculture due to ties with Russia

Former member of the campaign trump Sam Clovis, who became involved in the case of relations with Russia, officials close to Trump, withdrew his candidacy for the position of Deputy Minister of agriculture for research, education and Economics.

Court documents indicate that Clovis may have instructed the adviser to the President on foreign policy George Papadopoulos to organize meetings with the Russians for the campaign trump.

Thursday Clovis wrote the President a letter in which he stated that he does not want to become a factor that will negatively affect the reputation of the trump because of «relentless attacks on him», which «seems bloody sport».

This week it was revealed that the Clovis had connections with George Papadopoulos, who confessed to the FBI in its contacts with Russia.

Senator Patrick Leahy from Committee on agriculture of the Senate said that Clovis «is ridiculously bad candidate, even for this administration.» Leahy also said that Clovis — unskilled scientist, whose opinion on the most important problems is fundamentally mistaken. According to the Senator, the administration trump supports unscientific opinion, so in the appointment of Clovis is not surprising. However, he added that his candidacy Clovis withdrew for another reason.

The candidacy of Clovis was recalled, as on Monday it became known that last year he, speaking as co-chair of the national campaign, trump gave the green light to the efforts of George Papadopoulos to collude with Russian investigators to retrieve the stolen emails related to the campaign of Clinton. This topic would be raised during his upcoming testimony under oath before the Committee on agriculture of the Senate.

Senator Debbie Stabenow, top Democrat of the Committee on agriculture, called the withdrawal of Clovis, «the victory of science.» The Washington Post on Thursday reported that in a letter addressed Stabenow, Clovis confirmed that he had no sufficient qualification for the post of Deputy Minister.