Adviser to trump met with Russian officials before the election in 2016

Adviser to trump met with Russian officials before the election in 2016

Ex-spin doctor for the foreign policy campaign of trump, Carter page, admitted that he had met with Russian officials during a visit to Moscow in July last year.

Thursday, November 2, Paige testified on the investigation of relationships trump with Russia, which is special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. The adviser reported that she emailed, at least one of the assistants of the campaign of trump, which was said about the conversations with the representatives of the Russian government, legislators and Directors of enterprises.

Adviser to trump met with Russian officials before the election in 2016

Recall, this information contradicts that which was previously announced. In numerous interviews with The New York Times Paige or denied meeting with any government officials during a visit to Moscow, either avoided the question, claiming that he had met «mostly with scientists».

On Friday evening, during the interview, Paige said: «I just briefly greeted a few people. That’s all.»

Carter Page says he told Jeff Sessions and «a few people» about his trip to Russia

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Mr. Paige left the campaign shortly after trump’s trip, and since then advisers staff tried to distance themselves from him.

Court records revealed Monday showed that another adviser to trump, George Papadopoulos, met with Russian officials in 2016 and has received «thousands of emails», which referred to the main opponent , Hillary Clinton.

In the framework of cooperation with the investigation Papadopoulos confessed to perjury and reported that trump had not objected to meeting with Putin before the election.

On the eve of his 12-day trip in Asia the President said the statement by the former adviser.

«I don’t remember this meeting – confessed tramp. It was a bad meeting that was very long time ago.»

As CNN reports, the President just a week ago «boasted» of his excellent memory, which does not agree with his current statement.

«I’m very smart people, trump said. – I have a brilliant memory».

The President recalled the episode, but he’s forgotten that he used that expression.