Pentagon: North Korea could use chemical weapons

Pentagon: North Korea could use chemical weapons

Find and secure all nuclear facilities of North Korea is possible only if a ground invasion, according to a new letter of the Pentagon, the assessment might look like a war on the Korean Peninsula. In his letter to politicians, the military Department also noted that Pyongyang might consider the use of biological and chemical weapons.

«North Korea has a long-standing chemical weapons programme that could affect the blood and cause suffocation», — said in a statement.

Pentagon: North Korea could use chemical weapons

The letter was made rear Admiral Michael Dumont in response to the request of two members of the house of representatives to evaluate potential losses, including among civilians and allied troops in South Korea.

According to experts of the Pentagon, the scenarios are quite complex and depends on the «nature, intensity and duration» of the North Korean attack — according to Independent.

«The decision to invade another country will have consequences for our troops and taxpayers, as well as the region of military actions for decades,» said Ted Liu, a democratic Senator from California.

Ted Liu, Ruben Gallego (Senator from Arizona) and another 14 politicians have also signed an appeal to President Donald Trump with an appeal «to stop making provocative statements that hinder diplomatic efforts and bear the risk for life of the American military.»

«Professionals understand and Pentagon must convince our leaders that rash actions and «drumbeat» can actually lead us to war,» said Gallego.