Ex-scouts: Putin trump intimidates or manipulates them

Ex-scouts: Putin trump intimidates or manipulates them

Russian President Vladimir Putin «uses the» trump and «plays with it», — said in a joint statement to CNN James clapper, former Director of National intelligence, and John Brennan, former Director of the CIA.

Statements of scouts followed by trump, who noted that «believe Putin» about Russian interference in American elections. «It’s either naivete, or ignorance, or fear,» said Brennan. «Putin is smart and he uses the need of Donald trump flattery to convince him: the intentions of Russia towards US only positive».

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We will remind, according to trump, the President of the Russian Federation «extremely insulting» assumptions about the intervention of Russia. «Every time he sees me, he says, «I didn’t do it» and I really believe it,» trump told reporters.

Today, November 12, trump tried to explain the sentence: «I meant that, in my opinion, Putin himself is confident that Russia will not interfere» and added that in the future Putin may become an important ally of the United States.

«It’s so naive and most importantly – it is dangerous for our country to assume that Russia will pursue the same interests that the United States,» said James clapper.

About the scout said that trump’s comments just show his lack of confidence and other world leaders use it to manipulate them.

«I think all it demonstrates to Putin: a trump can be played,» said former Director of the CIA.