Trump has brought the DPRK to the list of countries sponsoring terrorism

Trump has brought the DPRK to the list of countries sponsoring terrorism

President trump said Monday that he would bring North Korea to the list of countries acting as sponsors of terrorism, in the framework of increasing pressure on the country to limit the development of its nuclear program.

«The North Korean regime must be legitimate, this measure should put an end to the illicit development of its nuclear programme and to cease all support for international terrorism,» trump said during a Cabinet meeting at the White house.

Trump has brought the DPRK to the list of countries sponsoring terrorism

Condemning the «murderous Kim regime», trump cited the recent death of an American citizen, a student of Otto Warmbier after he was taken into custody in North Korea.

«Beyond the threat the world with nuclear devastation, North Korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism, including the assassination on foreign territory,» said trump.

Trump made the announcement a week after returning from a trip to Asia, where he asked China and other countries in the region to tighten financial and diplomatic sanctions against North Korea.

After the announcement of the DPRK sponsor of terrorism on Tuesday, the US Treasury Department plans to announce the introduction of additional economic sanctions against the state and «it will be the highest level of sanctions,» the President said.

Trump also said that the reckoning of the DPRK to the list of sponsors of terror «was supposed to happen a long time ago», although, according to political analysts, the President obviously did not take into account the fact that in the last 20 years, the US called North Korea, and repeatedly. Until 2008, North Korea has been on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, but was removed from him by President Bush in connection with the agreement to freeze its nuclear research in North Korea. Since then, much has changed: studies have resumed despite the agreement, and the extension potential of the country now poses a threat to all of humanity.

Last month, 12 senators — six Republicans and six Democrats — urged the Secretary of state’s Rex Tillerson to return North Korea to the list. In addition, the DPRK also there are Iran, Sudan, Syria.