The mayor of Los Angeles is aiming for the presidency

The mayor of Los Angeles is aiming for the presidency

The mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti announced that is considering the prospect of participation in the presidential election race which will take place in 2020. In an interview with the New York Times, the politician also talked about the fact that he’s not going to run for Governor of California.

Garcetti considers himself a progressive and practical representative of the «new impatient generation», which should represent the Democratic party in the next election to move the country forward.

Politician, 46, has been successfully building his career, quickly climbing up the career ladder. In 2006, he became President of the Los Angeles city Council, and in 2013 he held a post of the mayor, who was re-elected 5 months ago, gaining 81% of the votes.

If Garcetti did decide to participate in the elections, he will be able to join the ranks of «first President«: Barack Obama became the first black leader of the United States, Donald trump , media magnate, who was elected to this post, and Eric Garcetti, the first mayor of Los Angeles, which has managed to attain to the chair of the guarantor.

Immigrants from the city of angels occupied different positions. They were governors, generals, senators and members of Congress, secretaries of state and Vice-presidents. But never in the 228 years of existence of the state, since General George Washington became the first President of the United States, the current mayor of Los Angeles did not occupy the White house. And if Mr. Garcetti did not stop, he could to change that.