Trump retweeted anti-Muslim video

Trump retweeted anti-Muslim video

The US President Donald trump made a retweet of the three anti-Muslim record, including the murder of a teenager who published one of the leaders of the far-right political party Britain First, Gaida, Fransen.

Today, 29 November, trump posted on page 3 videos with such names: «Muslim-migrant was beaten Dutch boy on crutches!» «Muslim destroys the statue of the virgin Mary!» and «Islamist mob pushes teenage from the roof and clubbing him to death!»

Trump retweeted anti-Muslim video

Note, at this point it is unknown whether the criminal faces on video Muslims, as suggested, Fransen. Earlier, the trump mistakenly attributed to the reasons for the growth of crime in England and Wales «dissemination of radical Islamic terror.»

The BBC suggested that the President considers his domestic political goal to pay attention to the UK.

For its part, Fransen thanked trump for the Twitter page and wrote: «God bless America!», noting that the leader of the United States , 44 million subscribers.

David Lammy, member of British Parliament and a representative of the labour party, also commented on Twitter: «President of the United States is promoting fascist, racist, extremist hate group, whose leaders were arrested and convicted. He is not our ally and not a friend.»