The family requests that Santa health for cancer boy

The family requests that Santa health for cancer boy

Someone who only believes in himself, someone in God, and someone in Santa Claus. A young family from Fresno, California, chose the latter option. On the eve of Christmas the mother and father of one-year-old Giovanni Augustine Baara, who is undergoing chemotherapy in the hospital, wrote a very touching letter:

«Dear Santa! We hope to recover from cancer. I look forward to meeting you in the medical unit at the University of California in San Francisco. I would like to receive a gift of more machines, trucks and accessories for baseball. Hope you will bring us a healthy baby SIS.»

The family requests that Santa health for cancer boysource: facebook

Recently had surgery to remove a cancerous brain tumor 4th stage of development, and now it passes treatment in hospital. Giovanni Augustine I may have to endure a stem cell transplant and a powerful course of chemotherapy. When the boy’s parents found out the terrible news, his mother, Hallie Padilla, was already pregnant with a second child. Because of a diagnosis Giovanni doctors intensively monitor the condition of the fetus and mother.

Haley and Gabriel can see his son only one hour a day. Their only hope is the fact that the child recovered well after surgery — he is cheerful, cheerful and enjoys new toys.

Let’s hope that Christmas miracles will bypass Giovanni and his future sister, and they will get what they asked for parents — health.