Trump intends to strengthen relations with Cuba

Trump intends to strengthen relations with Cuba

Next Friday, June 16, the President will travel to Miami, where he could announce that the United States will change its policy towards Cuba. There are predictions about the cooling of relations, because most likely, the rules of trade and travel to the Island of Freedom will be strengthened.

Accepted Barack Obama’s decision on easing of trade restrictions and restore diplomatic relations with Cuba has previously criticized Donald trump. And so the new President will change course, though not fully, but only partially, shared with Reuters of the involved officials.

Recall that in July 2015 in the Cuban capital, Havana, the U.S. Embassy has resumed its work, the Obama administration has established a warm relationship with the Cuban government, and even the 44th President visited Cuba, what did his predecessors ever since the presidency of Herbert Hoover.

Now in the White house considering ban for American companies to do business with Cuban enterprisesassociated with the military sphere, and the tightening of the rules for traveling to Cuba by U.S. citizens. But definitely will not be cancelled the trade embargo against Cuba and restored the rule of «wet and dry feet», which means that if the Cuban fugitive reaches the American shore, he can get asylum.

At the moment the plan of action, yet not completely «polished» assistants to the President, but soon their recommendations should be forwarded to the national security Council, and then the very Trump.

But not all the authorities in the US agree with the new course. Yesterday, the President Presley letters from two groups of congressional Republicans, who prefer to see the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba remained open.

“Reverse course prompted Cuba would once again become dependent countries such as Russia and China. This can lead to disastrous consequences for the security of the United States”, – stated in the letter from the house of representatives.

In the lower house believe that the cooling of relations with Cuba could “jeopardise” efforts to fight human trafficking, drug trafficking, cybercrime and fraud.

In a letter from senators to the President it tried to convince that if the US tuned to the rate tightening, the country could lose the benefits of broadening opportunities for American business in the case of growth of Cuban entrepreneurs.

The President will have to weigh carefully all «for» and «against», and if the respond takes longer than planned, so maybe the announcement of the new course will be done a little later.