Trump called the reputation of the FBI as «the worst in history»

Trump called the reputation of the FBI as «the worst in history»

The investigation of the interference of Russia in the 2016 election is gradually approaching the head of the Executive branch of the United States – President Donald Trump. Recently, one of the most senior of his colleagues, Michael Flynn, have admitted to having lied to the FBI about the conversation with the Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergey Kislyak.

As reported by Reuters, in February of this year, trump asked at the time the acting head of the FBI James Komi to stop investigating the ties of his former national security adviser Michael Flynn with Russia.

A few months later the President dismissed the Komi Republic «for incompetence and inability to effective leadership.» Now in the midst of the investigation, Mueller trump again recalled in his Twitter account about the results of the ex-the head in his post:

«After many years of work Komi, which included false and dishonest investigation, in particular, the case against Clinton, the reputation of the Agency is bursting at the seams – she’s the worst in history!»

The head of state was podregulirovan his statement, stressing that his team «will recover its former greatness.»

Thomas O’connor, President of the Association, which is representing the FBI agents tried to protect their reputation. «FBI agents are committed to the mission,» he said, saying that they demonstrated «unflinching honesty and professionalism» in their work.