Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: why is it so important?

Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: why is it so important?

That the U.S. Embassy in Israel should move to Jerusalem has been discussed. Today is the deadline for making a decision on this issue. But why did the President trump is so slow? Perhaps there are hidden risks of such a decision? Try to explain why the move of the American Embassy in that city is so important in this case.

What is the problem?

Jerusalem is the official capital of Israel since 1949, and the Holy city for hundreds of thousands of Jews, Christians and Muslims around the world. However, from the point of view of geopolitics, it is not so simple. The city claimed by two States. Palestine considers East Jerusalem to be their capital, Israel, the Palestinian authority, recognized the right of West Jerusalem. In turn, Israel claims the entire city, considering it as indivisible. The conflict lasts for many years.

Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: why is it so important?

East Jerusalem was captured by Israel as a result of hostilities in 1967 year. Capture later allowed the authorities to Annex the city, declaring it an integral territory of Israel. This move never recognized by the international community, but to this day the state has not waived its rights to the territory, and the number of Israelis here is superior to the Palestinian population.

Since Jerusalem is not actually recognized as Israeli by any country of the world, all foreign embassies are located in the so-called «commercial capital» of tel Aviv.

Based on the above described situation, the transfer of the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would mean de facto recognition of it by the United States as the capital of the Jewish state. The consequences are obvious – the conflict will only escalate further, it is not excluded a military confrontation. This is important because the United States will act as an actual arbiter in the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and has repeatedly stated desire to achieve a peace agreement between the countries.

Why the issue of moving the Embassy appeared just now?

To be more precise, the issue of moving the Embassy to Jerusalem has long been settled. In 1995 year, the U.S. Congress passed a law, according to which the Embassy must be translated to the Holy city.

«Since 1950, Jerusalem was the capital of the state of Israel», — stated in the document.

But why, then, the Embassy has not moved? The adopted law entered into force immediately, its effect may be delayed for 6 months unlimited number of times. All previous presidents, including bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama regularly (every six months), signed a decree on postponement of the entry into force of the law. Now the time has come to make a decision for Donald trump. By the way, one of the campaign promises of the current President of the United States was the promise to move the Embassy. However, faced with the problem, the President is in no hurry to execute it. At the moment representatives of the administration claim that the President may announce the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but the transfer of the Embassy it still won’t go.

Dan Shapiro, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel under President Obama, told AFP that such a step in practice would have a «significant effect, but it will be a signal of future intentions to be committed to the actual movement of the Embassy.»

What are the possible consequences of the recognition of the United States Jerusalem, Israel ?

Representatives of various Palestinian organizations and liberation movements have already expressed their point of view regarding the possible recognition of Israeli Jerusalem America.

Saeb Erekat, Secretary-General of the Palestine liberation Organization, said on Sunday that it will «contribute to international anarchy and disrespect for global institutions and law.»

Not as delicate in the projections were representatives of the Islamist movement Hamas, which controls Gaza. On Saturday, officials of the movement called for a new intifada if Washington is still to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel or moves its Embassy there.