The FBI warned trump that Russia will try to spy on him

The FBI warned trump that Russia will try to spy on him

In July 2016, about a week after Donald trump became a Republican candidate for President, the FBI told him that Russia and other global opponents will probably try to spy on and even to penetrate into his campaign.

According to officials familiar with this issue, the warning was made by senior officials at FBI counterintelligence. It should be noted that a similar briefing was held for Hillary Clinton, as it is common practice to warn about potential threats from foreign spies.

The FBI warned trump that Russia will try to spy on him

According to officials, both candidates were encouraged to tell the feds about any suspicious activities within their campaigns. Despite these warnings, members of the team trump was never informed the FBI about the numerous contacts with the Russian representatives and those who acted on behalf of Russia.

Trump had to say: «If you notice this kind of communication, let us know so we can update the picture of your threats,» said Frank Montoya, a former FBI counterintelligence retired in 2016.

When the headquarters trump was informed at the expense of foreign intervention, at least seven representatives of the campaign the Republican had maintained contacts with Russians or people associated with Russia. There is no currently known evidence that team trump reported it to the FBI.

For example, former adviser to trump, George Papadopoulos, has only recently admitted that «he had connections that could help to organize a meeting between, at that time, a candidate trump and President Putin». According to the nypost, the June 2016 trump Jr. held a meeting in the trump tower with a Russian lawyer who promised «to find something» on the main opponent of trump, Hillary Clinton.