NBC: Only 36% of Americans are willing to vote for trump in 2020

NBC: Only 36% of Americans are willing to vote for trump in 2020

Only a third of Americans are willing to vote for Donald trump in the presidential elections, he’ll run in 2020

Half of the American population definitely or «probably» vote for the candidate of the Democratic party. This study was conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

According to the survey, 18% of those who filled out the form on the website, “exactly” would support trump if he will take part in the elections in 2020. Another 18% of voters responded that «maybe» will support the candidacy of the incumbent President, while 38% of voters said that would never vote for trump. They were joined by another 14% who said «most likely» will vote for the democratic leader.

NBC: Only 36% of Americans are willing to vote for trump in 2020

In December the distant 1993, only 14% of Americans (according to a poll by NBC/WSJ) said they would support the Republican party and its candidate, rather than infamous at the time, bill Clinton.

Now, according to the poll, you can see the split in the Republican party. 43% of her followers responded that they «definitely» would vote for trump, while 40% think it «probably» would have given him a voice. Among the supporters of the democratic party 73% said they «definitely» would vote against the incumbent.

According to the study, NBC/WSJ, 41 percent of Americans also favor to hold hearings on impeachment trump. 70% of Democrats, 40% independent and 7% of Republicans also voted for this decision, if it was announced by the Congress in the near future.

These data largely influenced the opinions of Americans about their joined election campaign trump in collusion with Russia in the elections in 2016. Overall, 38% of respondents believe that a conspiracy exists, 35% believe that it was not, and 26% said that they did not have enough facts to form an opinion on this issue. Among those who believe that the agreement between the countries was 65% Democrat, 35% independent and 6% of Republicans.

The survey was conducted from 13 to 15 December 2017, among 900 adults.