The U.S. Treasury has made Kadyrov in the «Magnitsky list»

The U.S. Treasury has made Kadyrov in the «Magnitsky list»

Today, December 20, the US Treasury Department published its latest list of Russians who joined the «Magnitsky list«. The first name on the list is the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who, according to his official Instagram account, he’s not too upset about what had happened.

The reason for making Kadyrov the infamous list are «extrajudicial killings, torture or other gross violations of internationally recognized human rights committed against individuals seeking to expose illegal activity carried out by officials of the government of the Russian Federation». In a press release, the us authorities also noted that the actions of Kadyrov infringe on the freedom of the democratic freedoms of citizens, as well as «deprive them of the right to a fair trial and democratic elections in Russia».

The U.S. Treasury has made Kadyrov in the «Magnitsky list»

«One of the political opponents of Kadyrov have been killed on the orders of Chechen leader, after he told of torture and ill-treatment of people in Chechnya, including torture, allegedly committed by Kadyrov personally».

The Kadyrov news about getting into the «Magnitsky list» has caused a smile and a few caustic comments. The politician said that he had «not received orders to enter the USA», so the overseas authorities «not to worry». In addition, in a post in Instagram Kadyrov wrote that he was not going to visit USA, so the ban on entry it does not confuse.

«I have previously said, but I repeat again for very forgetful, that wouldn’t have gone to the US if I promised as a prize all the foreign exchange reserves of the country.»

In addition, Kadyrov also doubted that his name is the only one that should compliment the «Magnitsky list» of human rights violations.

«In Chechnya, peace and stability. And the US pours the blood around the world! So for whom is crying list? According to Kadyrov or the American politicians and generals?».

Under the restrictive sanctions in addition to the head of Chechnya, were still four people: Ayub Katayev (head OMVD the city of Argun, where, presumably, the security forces tortured individuals homosexual), Julia Mayorova, Andrey Pavlov and Alexey Sheshenin.

The «Magnitsky act» was approved in 2012 for introduction of personal sanctions against the Russians. His name shall document the lawyer Fund Hermitage Capital Sergei Magnitsky, who died in a Moscow prison «Matrosskaya Tishina» in 2009. The reason for his arrest Magnitsky believed that the exposure of persons involved in corruption schemes in the tax return.

Now the effect of the «Magnitsky list» extends to the whole world. It get the people involved in violation of human rights. At the moment it includes 49 names, and all these people denied entry into the United States.