Year President of the trump in the White House

Year President of the trump in the White House

A difficult year has been from Donald trump… very Few presidents can boast of such a volume of criticism received in the first year of operation. However, many tend to believe that the successful moments in the career of the new head of state was also.

The new tax plan

This is perhaps the biggest victory for the President and his team. One of the Central promises of the trump in his campaign, which he managed to accomplish in its first year in power.

Year President of the trump in the White House

The new tax plan, which became the beginning of the largest in the last 30 years of tax reform in the country, will radically change the approach to taxation in the United States. Corporate tax rate reduced to 21% from the current 35%, abolished compulsory health insurance, limited benefits and subsidies to the insurance companies, cut taxes for individuals. List of changes can be more than an hour. The President promises that the new law will be the beginning of the «economic miracle» of America, although not all experts agree with him.

Approval of the Nile Gorsuch justices of the U.S. Supreme court

This victory is not as significant as the previous one, but very significant for the President personally. The appointment of the proposed candidate, put an end to the bitter struggle between Democrats and Republicans over the vacant position, vacant after the death of judge Scalia.

Cancel most of the rules and regulations adopted by the Obama administration that limit, according to the President, the development of industry

Many call these achievements is questionable. However, the policy and the policy of the state in the future, they mean a lot. This lifting of restrictions on emissions and waste for large enterprises, it is the expansion of the oil production in the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico, is the construction of a network of oil pipelines Keystone XL.

Part of this programme to liberate the economy from the «shackles» became the output States of the Paris climate agreement. Environmentalists believe that these decisions will have extremely negative consequences for the environment.

Immigration ban

This step of the President was the most criticized, as in the US, and far beyond. Trump describes the measure adopted as a guarantee of national security, preserving jobs for Americans. But many perceived the President’s actions as a manifestation of intolerance, discrimination. Criticism is not confined to words and messages in the media, the immigration Executive orders the President has repeatedly been challenged in courts of various instances, had been blocked, but in the end, all amendments were adopted.

The construction of the wall on the border with Mexico

There is a long story is not necessary. Work on the construction of the wall started, although the final is still far.

The recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

This decision trump in fact undermined the strategy of US foreign policy that existed for decades. None of the previous presidents have not taken this step, although the actual recognition has happened when the US Congress passed a law (the transfer of the Embassy to the Holy city) in 1995. The recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli is also in contrast to the position chosen by the United Nations in respect of the city. This decision will long have an impact on the foreign policy of States and international relations.

The output of the TRANS-Pacific partnership

Another key promise of the election campaign. Trump called the partnership «a disaster for the United States» because it opens the Asian manufacturer free access to the US markets. Now, says trump, America has a chance to conclude lucrative deals with Asia.

Roll back the thaw in relations with Cuba

President trump believes that talking about a fully open relationship with this country before, especially taking into account a number of so-called «acoustic» attacks committed recently against diplomats and U.S. citizens in Havana.

Victory over ISIS in Syria

The President himself called the victory over the terrorists the most outstanding achievement of the United States in 2017. Many representatives of the political world, especially in Russia, did not agree with such a statement, including victory in the achievement of the Russian Federation.

The abolition of net neutrality

This achievement can also be attributed to questionable, however, for Republicans, supporting the restriction of state control of business activity, it is still a victory.