Russia urged the U.S. «not to interfere in elections»

Russia urged the U.S. «not to interfere in elections»

In a statement to the media on Wednesday, the representative of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova condemned the criticism of the US regarding non-opposition leader Alexei Navalny to register his candidacy for the presidential election.

According to the Russian news Agency TASS, on Facebook Zakharova wrote the following: «This statement of the state Department, which I’m sure will be repeated is a direct interference in our electoral process and internal Affairs.»

Russia urged the U.S. «not to interfere in elections»

The Central Committee said that Navalny is not allowed to vote because of a conviction (Alexei Navalny was sentenced to conditional imprisonment in the case of «Kirovles«). Navalny responded with a call to boycott the elections.

Dmitry Peskov, a representative of the Kremlin, in his speech on Tuesday said that «Calls to boycott elections will be carefully examined for violation of the law.»

According to Business Insider, in a statement on Tuesday evening, the state Department spokesman expressed concern over «the continuing repression of the Russian government against independent citizens, from journalists to civil society activists and opposition politicians.»

«These actions indicate that the Russian government failed to provide the country the implementation of rights and fundamental freedoms of the person», — said in a statement. «In a broader sense, we urge the Russian government to hold genuine elections that would be transparent, fair and free and guaranteed expression of the will of the people in accordance with the state’s international obligations in the field of human rights».

In response to the statement Zakharov said, «And these people have expressed dissatisfaction over alleged Russian interference in the elections last year?!».

President trump said last month that he believes in the sincerity of Putin denies Russia’s intervention in the elections, and that continued investigation of this issue makes it difficult to cooperate with Moscow.

«He said he did not intervene, I again asked him,» said trump after meeting with Putin in Vietnam. «He said he absolutely does not interfere in our elections. He did what they say he did.»