Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia: «the United States is losing influence»

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Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia said that the global influence of the US in the world declines, as the country is facing various international challenges. In particular, according to the former diplomat, it is due to the recognition by the U.S. of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the deterioration of relations with Iraq, dangerous tensions with North Korea.

«We, I think, in the eyes of people abroad are in decline,» said Thomas Pickering on Wednesday in an interview with CNN.

The example of former diplomat cited data from the June study by Pew Research, the results of which showed a fall of image of the United States during the first 6 months of trump as President.

However, Pickering added: «I don’t think the United States want or need to be able to lead the international community».

Pickering also said that he does not consider Russia a «best ally» for the United States in search of ways to solve problems with North Korea.

Former U. S. Ambassador to Russia Thomas Pickering: In the eyes of people overseas, the US’s influence on the world stage is declining

— New Day (@NewDay) December 27, 2017