Trump believes that in the year 2020 will win the election thanks to the media

Trump believes that in the year 2020 will win the election thanks to the media

From the President we often hear complaints against journalists because of criticism. He accuses the news Agency that they intentionally spread false information about him. According to a survey among readers of the Washington Post and ABC News, 52% of Americans also believe that the media publish fakes a head of state.

But at the same time trump sure that the next elections to be held in 2020, the media will help him be re-elected for a second term.

In an interview with The New York Times the President said that the news Agency can’t live without it. If he leaves the political arena, — the tramp — the ratings of all of the media will immediately go into decline.

«The New York Times» is not thereby «The New York Times». So they [journalists] have to let me win. And, in the end, probably six months before the election, they will love me and will say: «please, Please, don’t take Donald trump».

Coverage of trump really has a positive impact on the ratings of the media when he was a presidential candidate: the last debate of the Republican party in August of 2015 saw 24 million people. The growth continued after the election. Within three weeks after the election of President trump, The New York Times and began reading on 132 thousand subscribers more. The Washington Post has also increased the number of readers in 2017. The news, which mentioned the name of the current President of the United States, enjoyed great popularity — not least due to his controversial personality.

Trump believes that any, even a negative mention of it in Newspapers and TV programs, promotes the growth of the rating agencies. However, until the beginning of the political career of the current President of the media was quite high.