Ivanka trump intends to run for President

Ivanka trump intends to run for President

Ivanka trump and her husband Jared Kushner is not casual to hold Advisory positions in the White house. Before you enlist, they agreed that this step will pave the way to Ivanka trump became the first woman President in US history, if there are right circumstances.

It is reported by the publisher of The Guardian, citing a new book by Michael Wolff called «Fire and fury: inside the White house trump». The book is based on more than 200 interviews with the President and other prominent government officials and persons from the administration and beyond.

Ivanka trump intends to run for President

«Between them was made a big deal: if sometime in the future the opportunity arises, she will run for President,» written in the book without specifying the source of information. «The first woman President should not be Hillary Clinton, if it happened, it would be Ivanka trump.»

Steve Bannon, who served as adviser to the President until August 2017, also gave an interview to the author. He was shocked by the message about the deal. «Stop! Oh, tell me that they really didn’t say that. Please don’t tell me about it. Oh, my God!». Recall that recently the President of trump threatened to file a lawsuit to Bannon for giving them an interview about work in the White house. The President said that his former Advisor «not only lost his job in the administration, but has lost his mind.»

The idea about the Ivanka trump-President is not new. If you examine the earlier memoirs, the first wife of Donald trump and mother Ivanka, Ivana trump, it is possible to find in them reflections about the political future of the «first daughter of the country». Ivan wrote that the daughter might run for President, but «maybe in 15 years».


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