Twitter: we’re not «plugging» trump

Twitter: we’re not «plugging» trump

President Donald trump is widely known that he likes to use social network Twitter to Express their thoughts on the different events, statements and anything else that happens in the life of American society. And although trump was among the most active politicians on the platform, he is not the only representative of the authorities, who turn to tweets if you need to talk. And many in the Internet don’t like it.

On Friday, Twitter has officially explained why it is not blocking world leaders such as President trump, when they post controversial statements that would cause the blocking of the accounts of the average user.

Twitter: we’re not «plugging» trump

In the corporate blog of the company States that the blocking of accounts of world leaders or remove their publications can lead to the fact that people will hide potentially important information. Users of the social network should be able to see with all published policies and have the right to discuss this information.

«It will not hold leaders to shut up, but only complicate the necessary discussion around their words and actions.»

While Twitter reserves the right to remove some of the tweets of public figures and political leaders if they are deemed offensive.

Critics of such policies have repeatedly complained that the tweets of the President of trump and other world leaders are too harsh or even offensive, for example, when he argues with women or political opponents did not hesitate in expressions.

Donald trump, despite his official Twitter account, often use a personal account, @realDonaldTrump. The debate about his block once again become a hot topic of discussion after he said that his «nuclear button» more than the leader of North Korea. This tweet representatives of the Internet community saw the threat of a nuclear strike or a threat to the already shaky peace between the two nuclear powers.