Spectacular Robert Mueller wants to question trump’s «the Russian case»

Spectacular Robert Mueller wants to question trump’s «the Russian case»

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller discusses with lawyers of the President of Donald trump the opportunity to talk with him, the publication said NBC two competent source.

According to them, Muller, investigating possible Russian interference in the election of the American President, and relations of the President with the Kremlin, raised the issue of «interviewing» trump at the end of December.

Spectacular Robert Mueller wants to question trump’s «the Russian case»

According to a source close to the President, in the coming weeks, trump can reply to a certain number of questions. However, his lawyers are not going to let the situation slide: discussing the provision of written replies to certain questions of the Prosecutor, as did Ronald Reagan during the trial on Iran. Also, the lawyers want to require a special Prosecutor to reiterate the fact that the answers cannot be obtained from anyone else except from the President.

The lawyer of the White house, Ty Cobb, in turn, said that the presidential Administration does not comment on the interrogation, but «continues to cooperate fully with spectaculorum».

Cobb has repeatedly stated that all interrogations of employees of the White house should be completed by the end of December or early 2018.

According to some experts, the questioning of the President may mean that the Mueller investigation was nearing its end, reports the Washington Post. «You have to learn a lot before you go to the President,» said Solomon, Wisenberg, who led the questioning of President bill Clinton in 1998.

Donald trump, asked Jan 6, asked by reporters whether he would agree to interview, stressed that he has nothing to hide.

«Just because there was no conspiracy, and I don’t are under investigation, — said trump. — You could go two ways. We could be “closed”, and then all of this would have dragged on for years. However, we didn’t do anything wrong, so let’s be open and be done with it. Otherwise, our country would look silly, and it won’t look so while I’m here.»