Trump is determined to deport 200 thousand Salvadorans

Trump is determined to deport 200 thousand Salvadorans

On Monday, the Administration of the President, trump announced his intention to revoke the temporary permits of residence issued by 200 thousand citizens of El Salvador after the 2001 year. These individuals will have to find a legitimate reason to stay in USA or leave the country until 9 September 2019 .

The Department of homeland security U.S. plans to make a statement which will explain the reasons for the decision to stop granting asylum to immigrants from El Salvador. The Minister of internal security of the United States Kirsten Nielsen suggested that to extend Temporary Protected Status to Salvadorans will not be in connection with a significant improvement of living conditions in their home country.

Trump is determined to deport 200 thousand Salvadorans

The status of a person under temporary protection, or TPS, many Salvadorans received after a series of earthquakes in 2001. In the USA it also have 57 thousand citizens of Honduras, 46 thousand immigrants from Haiti, almost 9 thousand Nepalis, 6 thousand Syrians, 2.5 million inhabitants of Nicaragua. In November, on the termination of the TPS has been advised by the Haitians, a little later a similar notice was received also by the Nicaraguans.

As reported by the source Kevin Appleby of the new York Center for the study of migration, termination of temporary protected status coincides with the policy of reducing the number of immigrants and the deportation of the population without U.S. citizenship conducted by the presidential Administration.

«The decision by the TPS was made without taking into account the living conditions in these countries, — said Kevin Appleby. — The decision by El Salvador is particularly damaging. It not only hurt the families and children who lived here for many years, but even more destabilizie the already violent country. It’s incredibly short-sighted and goes against our interest in a stable Central America.»


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