Steve Bannon resigned from the post of head of Breitbart News

Steve Bannon resigned from the post of head of Breitbart News

Steve Bannon on Tuesday resigned from the post of the head of Breitbart News, put a point in his career, the chief strategist of the White house and head of a major advocacy publication.

The resignation of former presidential adviser can be called a forced: he left the post a week after the publication of the book, Michael Wolfe «Fire and fury: inside the White house trump», which draws on his interviews. In addition to the storm of indignation on the part of the administration, the President and the public, published in the book comments’bannon sparked a sharply negative reaction from the largest shareholder Breitbart News Rebekah Mercer, is a supporter of the President and, at the same time, actively supported the’bannon during his tenure.

Steve Bannon resigned from the post of head of Breitbart News

«Steve is a valuable part of our heritage, and we will always be grateful for his contribution and for what he helped us», — said General Director of Breitbart and Larry Nightingale in his statement published on the website Breitbart.

It should be noted that much of the popularity of the news agencies fell for the it’bannon, because with it were associated the work of Breitbart News, he was the chief editorial Director of the publication since 2012, having become one after the death of company founder Andrew Breitbart.

«I am proud that team Breitbart did in such a short time and the fact that it has become a news platform,» said Bannon in a statement.

In the future, Bannon intends to continue to engage in politics, but not in an official capacity. He plans to create a nonprofit organization called «Citizens of the American Republic», which, as they say close, will focus on policy issues.

«He was to refuse any participation in politics or Breitbart, you can’t succeed in fact, and in another,» said a person close to’bannon edition of the Hill. «He chose politics. His involvement in Breitbart policies interfere with the ability to act as a news Agency».

Many analysts and political scientists are inclined to believe that the problems’bannon began long before the release of the book about trump. He should still stay under active support of the presidential candidate, Republican Roy Moore.