New-CA is preparing the Declaration of independence

New-CA is preparing the Declaration of independence

The organizers of the movement New California take the first steps toward secession by declaring independence.

New CA should not leave the United States, but only the rest of California, told CBS Sacramento the representatives of the group. It is expected that new staff will include a rural district, while the city will remain in the «old» California.

New-CA is preparing the Declaration of independence

«High taxes, expensive education, the bad business climate we have in the rural districts, because it manages and so impose us taxes on the state. We want to self-manage their constituencies,» explained the founder of Robert Paul Preston.

According to him, unlike the other separatist groups that arose in America, they want to make everything in the US Constitution, namely, under section 3 of article IV, which States: «New States may be taken by the Congress to this Union; but no new States shall be formed or created within jurisdiction of any other state and no state can be formed by merging two or more States or parts of States, without the consent of the legislatures of the concerned States, as well as of Congress.»

Supporters of the new California plan to work with Congress and to go the way of West Virginia.

Initially, West Virginia was closely connected with neighboring Virginia, which was some time. But in 1776 the residents of West Virginia petitioned Congress to allow them to create their own government.

In October 1862, the Western Virginians voted in a referendum for the creation of a state called Canova. In 1863, the state officially became part of the United States under the name West Virginia.

«We must demonstrate that we can govern ourselves before we will be allowed to manage,» says another founder of the movement «new California» Tom Reid.

Despite significant obstacles and apparently distant prospect of realization, the group does not intend to give up.

This is not the first attempt of repartition of the state. In 2014, a venture capitalist from Silicon Valley Tim Draper has proposed to split California into six separate States.