The Senate agreed to a two-year budget

The Senate agreed to a two-year budget

The majority leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell Wednesday announced a deal with the Democrats in terms of funding the government and setting spending levels for defense and domestic programs over the next two years.

Recall that the period of temporary Federal funding the government expires this Friday, February 8. Deal to avoid government closure and provide an opportunity to continue the work.

The Senate agreed to a two-year budget

However, McConnell stated that he is not quite sure that the bill will get enough support so that it can be sent to a vote in the House of representatives. «Stumbling block» remains the question of immigration. The leader of the democratic minority Nancy Pelosi said it will oppose the transaction, as well as most of its members if it does not receive appropriate assurances from the speaker and Paul Ryan, who must commit themselves to initiate the consideration of legislation protecting the participants of the program DACA and other immigrants facing deportation in the next month.

In General, the Senate agreement if it were to be adopted permanently, increase spending on defense by about $ 80 billion over the next two years, which McConnell called a great «achievement».

«For the first time in many years our armed forces will have more resources necessary to ensure the safety of America. This will help us to ensure that veterans who bravely served us,» he said.

Increase in defence funding, experts say, will help President Trump to fulfill another campaign promise to increase military power of the United States.

Among other things, the agreement also covers the provision of additional funds to fight opioid addiction – $ 6 billion to rebuild hospitals and clinics for veterans, $ 4 billion on research in the National institutes of health to $ 2 billion, on programmes in the field of infrastructure – 20 billion dollars.

The white house has already expressed approval of the agreement reached between the leaders of the Senate.

«We welcome the steps that they did,» said the press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

She stated that the President will examine the final version of the deal, but the White house is «certainly pleased that the process is going and especially the fact that we moved away from the budget crisis, which were in the past.»