The US government has closed again, but not for long

The US government has closed again, but not for long

Date February 8th was the deadline for adoption Congress public financing. The Senate failed to agree on a deal before midnight, so the government has closed again – second time in a month.

Yesterday’s vote was a fiasco due to the boycott of the Senator from Kentucky, Republican Rand Paul. The Congressman demanded to vote for the amendment, which would contain strict limits on spending. Paul argued that the new plan would increase the deficit of the Treasury.

The US government has closed again, but not for long

«I want to say to people who ask: «How could you be against the deficit under President Obama, then you came to the deficit under Republicans?»», – expressed his point of view of Gender.

After several hours of debate, shortly before 2 a.m., the Senate finally managed to pass a law on the financing. The document was supported by 71 Congressman, opposed – 28. The house of representatives followed the Senate and about 5:30 in the morning voted for the bill («for» – 240, against – 186).

The closure of the US government lasted only 6 hours and did not affect the work of state institutions. By the way, the previous suspension of the government, which occurred a few weeks ago, lasted 3 days.

The adopted law will increase the limit of budget expenditures on $ 300 billion in the next two years and increase the national debt limit. Funding also began more than $ 80 billion for help for victims of hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

The speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan noted that the law was «a great victory for men and women in uniform» because the defense Department will get more resources.

The law will come into force after signing by the President Donald Trump.