Military parade proposed by trump, could cost $30 million

Military parade proposed by trump, could cost $30 million

Proposed by the President Donald Trump a military parade could cost America 30 million dollars’. On this day, 14 February, said the Director of the office of management and budget United States of Malvani Mick, speaking to the budget Committee of the house of representatives.

«I have seen various estimates of the cost – from 10 to 30 million dollars depending on the «scope» of the parade and duration,» said Malwani.

Military parade proposed by trump, could cost $30 million

According to The Hill, the cost of the parade are not included in the budget of 2019, therefore, according to Malwani, Congress will have to work with the White house if «they decide to promote this initiative.»

«We’ll have to find money, but all the figures are preliminary,» added Mick of Malvani.

Critics of trump’s proposals (among them there are both Republicans and Democrats) claim that parades phenomenon popular in totalitarian regime. Some believe that it is a waste of money that could be used, for example, psychological assistance to the veterans.

«Demonstration of military equipment «in the Soviet style» show force,» said Senator Lindsey Graham. And Senator John Kennedy said that «America is the most powerful country in the history of mankind; and we do not need to show it.»


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