The Congress of Russian Americans called on trump to «stop the cold war» against Russia

The organization of the Congress of Russian Americans wrote to President Donald Trump a letter expressing dissatisfaction with the current Russian-American relations.

President KRA Natalia Sabelnik said that their organization did not support trump’s decision to send 60 of the Russian diplomatic representatives, as well as to close the Russian Consulate in Seattle. Members of Congress insist that now is not the time for new restrictions against Russia, because it happened almost immediately after the recent tragedy in Kemerovo.

The letter said that the majority of Russian Americans (90%) gave their vote in 2016 for the current President in the hope of a normalization of relations between the US and Russia and the lifting of sanctions. Despite this, in recent years, Russians increasingly are denied visas. CRA assess such actions of the head of state as the failure of his campaign promises.

At the end of his address to the Congress of Russian Americans asked trump to «stop the cold war» initiated against the Russian Federation:

«The weaker the ties between Russia and the United States, the greater the danger of war that threatened Americans and the world.»